Best Aquariums on the East Coast

Aquariums are incredible, which means you should look for the best aquariums on the east coast! Luckily the east coast consists of fish lovers all around the world. In each state, you will find a one-of-a-kind aquarium. However, you may be wondering which aquarium is the best?

After going through the list, do not be mad at us if you want an aquarium. These aquariums for the public are HUGE! We even fell in love with fish tanks after visiting some of these spots as a kid. However, if you want to check out more fish tank content, look at the many articles on our page!

Why you Should go to an Aquarium

To make it clear, we are against keeping large creatures in cages such as whales, etc. However, we view keeping captive-raised fish as a fine technique. Many aquariums keep home-bred fish, and most of the time, aquariums are cared for well. This means that the water parameters are almost perfect in these aquariums for fish to survive.

When you look at a giant coral reef at an aquarium, the creatures are usually thriving and healthy. This is due to the corporations spending big bucks on filtration and equipment to meet the heavy demand. They are even great at keeping difficult to care for fish such as seahorses and jellyfish! However, check out our list of the best aquariums on the east coast!

Georgia Aquarium

Starting, we LOVED the Georgia Aquarium. The most important factor for us as fish lovers is the health of the fish. This aquarium seemed to have happy and healthy fish all around. They even had a huge showcase reef aquarium! However, the price may be high depending on the demand of the attractions. But, there are usually discounted tickets and deals that may get you a steal of a price.

One of my favorite attractions was the shark cave that they have on-site. There is a moving platform on the ground, so you don’t even have to walk when looking up at the sharks! When the aquarium is not crowded, the employees there let you pet the starfish and stingrays! When you come to Georgia, make sure this aquarium is number one on your list for activities in Atlanta.

New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium is high on our list because of the unique fish they have. When you are trying to escape the cold temperatures of Boston, the aquarium is perfect! The New England Aquarium acts as a tropical getaway for all warm bodies in the wintertime. After visiting this aquarium, you may want to move somewhere warm!

There are a ton of reef fish tanks to discover and mimic for your home aquarium. Like the Georgia Aquarium, this aquarium has a ton of healthy livestock, which we love! After visiting the aquarium, there are a ton of good restaurants nearby to visit! Make sure to put this aquarium on the top of your list if you are exploring!

Baltimore Aquarium

The Baltimore Aquarium is a staple in the game for aquariums around the world. If you live on the East Coast, you have heard of this place if you are a fish lover.

This aquarium is massive and contains a huge assortment of other creatures. There is even a spot called the Shark Alley here that has all of the sharks you can think of! Other unique creatures such as reptiles are perfect when you need a break from the aquatic life. After spending a long time walking, make sure to catch a breather and view the seahorse exhibit for the best fish!

The Florida Aquarium

The Florida Aquarium is perfect for fish lovers who want warm temperatures. Even when the weather is cold, this place is perfect. However, at the Florida Aquarium, you will see a difference in the fish selection. Unlike the aquariums in the north, this aquarium is unique. The Florida Aquarium contains alligators and pythons. However, you can also find lemurs here! For a one-stop-shop of unique creatures, this place is perfect. But the fish selection is incredible too!

There are a ton of huge reefs that are sparkling in health. The fish here look insanely happy and bring a ton of attention. If you have younger children, there is a splash zone exhibit, which allows them to get soaked! Sorry, we mentioned this, parents, LOL! Make sure to bring a change of clothes if you plan to stop by the wet zone.

Norfolk Aquarium

The Norfolk Aquarium may be last on our list. However, this place is great. There are a ton of unique aquariums, and it is truly one of a kind experience. If you ever find yourself in Virginia, make sure to travel the extra time to visit this place. You can even find a huge selection of sharks, which I love! If you think sea turtles are one of the cutest animals, they have a ton of them! Not to mention the brilliant saltwater fish they have.

This aquarium has one of the largest selections, and you will be entertained! The best part is after you are done visiting you can take a trip to the beach and enjoy some sun! Thank us later!

In Conclusion

You now have a list of the best aquariums on the east coast! With all of these aquariums, it is difficult to only select one. However, we recommend making a trip out of it. If you have the time, start from Florida and work your way up north! If you are a true fish fanatic, you will love the experience of each aquarium.

You might even enjoy it so much that you will purchase another home aquarium for your living room! Do not be mad at us if that happens. We are here to spread the love of the hobby! Make sure to check in every day for our fishy articles! We want to help you build the best home aquarium possible. We are all in this hobby together for the love of fish!