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Have you ever heard of aquarium heaters? What purpose do they serve in an aquarium to bring comfort for the small and large aquarium fish? You might have endless questions concerning aquarium heaters if you aren’t acquainted with them. 

To keep your fish alive and kicking, it requires maximum care to nurture them into something you long to have. Since fish are aquatic animals, they tend to survive on the water under different temperatures. For instance, some fish are adapted to a cold environment like the goldfish. While others depend on the warm surrounding. How do you keep these temperatures constant to suit their mode of adaptation? 

It might be a mind-boggling task to figure out what it entails for you to keep your fish in its adapted surrounding. But, worry not, in this article, we’ve documented the possible ways that can help you maintain your aquarium fish in a solace surrounding, by using the best aquarium heaters.

Heater Overview

Heaters are generally preferred to keep the water at the optimum temperature. The temperature suits the adaptation and provides consistent temperature to aquarium surrounding. Why must you bother yourself with this practice? Fish are delicate organisms that need tender care to raise them, and heating their surrounding is not excusable. 

That’s why this article is to inform you of the relevancy of maintaining a suitable constant temperature in your aquarium for better nourishment of your small and large fish. However, before expounding on the best aquarium heaters this year, good manners dictate the urge to discuss the important features to consider before selecting your heater, which include;

Heater Facts

  • Type of aquarium heater: the market is overwhelmed with submersible heaters which are characterized by their ability to be fully submerged in your water tank. Contrary, there are other inline heaters and under-gravel heaters. This calls for the choice of your tank and preferences that you ought to showcase while selecting a heater.
  • Wattage: heaters are of different wattage, you can find one from as little as 10W to 1,000W. This means the bigger the wattage the more superior the heater might be. When you select heaters with low wattage, they won’t serve you the right purpose since; they have a low tendency of heating large tanks as compared with large wattage heaters. Nonetheless, if you choose a heater with a larger wattage. You’re using a small tank, the chances of your tank being overheated are high. So, it is prudent to select a heater with a convenient wattage for your needs.
  • Material: heaters are made of either plastic, metal, or glass materials. Each material has its drawbacks that can elicit damages in your aquarium. For example, a glass heater can shatter and cause great damage in the tank while some of the plastic heaters may not be convenient for even distribution of heat. 
  • Temperature range: when selecting the best aquarium heater for your needs, the temperature is the core thing to consider. Simply you are gauging the temperature of your tank by a thermostat. Therefore, you need to examine if the heater has a fixed temperature. You can adjust the temperature for your desired range. After you’ve examined the need for your aquarium, you can select the appropriate heater to serve you with the maximum results. 

Hygger Titanium Tube Submersible Pinpoint Aquarium Heater

Titanium tube submersible pinpoint is one of the top aquarium heaters for your needs. The pros of this heater are characterized by the digital thermostat. The equipment permits you to set an optimum temperature range between 32 and 104 degrees F. Also, the thermostat displays both the current temperature of the water inside the aquarium and the temperature that you’ve set, meaning it is possible to see if your heater is functioning properly or not. 

However, Titanium tube aquarium heater made glass, which is fragile and needs maximum care while handling it. As you know glass can shatter anytime if mishandled. A lot of damages can be evident in the water tank when the shattering of glasses occurs and leave you with dead fish. 

This heater is reliable and offers maximum accuracy in temperature, this key feature will make your experience with the heater more convenient when in use. It is affordable and provides excellent service especially when you consider your needs.

Cobalt Aquatic 31000 Neo-Therm Heater

Are you looking for a heater that can camouflage easily in your water tank but still provide the utmost service to your needs? If this is you, then Cobalt aquatic 31000 neo- therm heater is the right heater for your desires. 

This heater is has a slim black design that aids it in camouflage within the water tank. Similarly, you don’t need to look for a place to hang it; you can fully submerge the heater and provide good services. The reason for its submersible is due to the inbuilt thermostat that the heater is designed with. Also, it has a one-touch system; you can adjust the thermostat to the required range that is perfect for your water tank. 

The cobalt 3100 heater provides you with the place that displays the actual temperature in your aquarium. The set temperature that you had deemed it fit for your tank. These features make the heater so convenient, there is a limited chance to damage your fish or overheat the water since the thermostat is crystal clear on the temperature range of the tank and your set temperature, thus, creating an equilibrium between the two. 

Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heater

We are not all equal financially; some people have a lot of money that if given a chance can buy the whole world. Contrary to the have not. This means there are aquarium heaters that are of low price and can be affordable by the small scale farmers. A perfect example is the Tetra HT submersible aquarium heater. 

Though this heater is cheap, you can easily control the temperature that the heater provides to your water tank. No flaws can be detected on temperature range since you are in control of your water tank temperature. Also, the heater can only heat water to 78 degrees F – 2 degrees F. 

That’s said; the temperature provided by this heater is super fine for a large number of tropical fish species, but probably not all. So, you’ll ensure the temperature for your fish is at its optimum level by double-checking your temperature. 

Also, Tetra submersible aquarium heater is glass made which is heat resistant and can withstand the shock but not 100% guaranteed. You can prefer to use this heater though it is not a versatile heater at marketplaces. 

The ISTA Inline External Heater Aquarium Heater

If your perfect choice is an inline heater, then the ISTA inline external heater is the best aquarium heater for your desires. 

This heater is ideal for heating up to 65 to 130 gallons of the water tank. However, you can purchase the one that meets your desire. If you have a small tank, then you can choose the ISTA inline aquarium that is of less power to avoid overheating. 

One of the benefits that come with this type of heater the number of sensors, meaning it has two sensors, one on the inlet and the other on the outlet. The two sensors help to closely monitor the temperature within the tank. 

You can utilize it with even small fish that do not do well with slight small temperature fluctuations. 

The SZLEAM 25W Mini Fish Tank Heater

 The SZLEAM 25 Mini fish tank heater is strong and amazingly easy to utilize; simply you have to attach within your tank, plug it in, and operates everything for you. 

This heater sets the temperature automatically somewhere in the range of 73 and 82°F, so it’s fine for tough exotic fish however not extraordinary for those that need water at a quite certain temperature or can’t manage intermittent changes. 

The ABS plastic external won’t burn your fish if they rub facing it and is shatterproof, to help guard the occupants of your tank. With a sticker price of under $15, this is a reasonable alternative for a smaller aquarium.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to be a genius to use an aquarium heater to provide an optimum temperature within your fish surroundings. Simply, consider the type of tank you are using, whether large or small, and select the appropriate heater to heat your tank. 

It is impossible for a human being to stay in an unconducive environment, maybe a cold or too warm for her condition. He will have to move or put on something to ease the temperature. Similarly, take good care of your fish by adjusting their temperature to suits their environment with one of the above aquarium heater. 

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