hat is the best betta tank heater

Many aquarium hobbyists ask, what is the best betta tank heater? In this article, we provide the best options to keep your betta fish’s home warm. There are a ton of options when it comes to choosing the right product. However, we have simplified your choices to a couple of heaters we love for freshwater fish. Under each product below, there is a link straight to Amazon so that you can buy it! We want to make sure your aquarium is happy and healthy at all times.

When it comes to betta fish, the species is generally hardy. This aspect allows aquarium hobbyists to think that it is easy to keep the fish. However, the betta fish will live much longer with the right products. A happy betta fish equals a happy owner! Check out the list below to see what is the best betta tank heater!

The Top Betta Fish Tank Heaters

Fluval E Electronic Heater

This heater ranks number one for the best heaters for betta fish. The quality of the Fluval E Electronic heater is unmatched to any other heater. When looking at high tech heaters, this heater is from the 3030’s it seems like. The screen is programmer to change colors, the colors show what the temperature is at. The temperature of a betta tank is crucial for the health of the fish. The heater can keep an aquarium warm that is up to 100 gallons! Therefore, the aquarium heater is stable for just about any size. The best part about the heater is that it has an auto turn off feature. Therefore, you don’t have to adjust the heater when it gets hot. The heater is also programmed to keep your betta fish safe so that the fish will not burn itself!

Hygger Submersible Fish Tank Heater

If you are looking for more of a compact and price worthy option, this heater is perfect. The Hygger Submersible heater is intended for smaller freshwater aquariums. For the 50 watt heater option, the biggest tank you should have is 10 gallons. The best part about the betta heater is that you don’t have to put your hand in the water when changing the temperature. Therefore, it is simple to change! These options allow the heater to answer, what is the best betta tank heater. The heater has a special feature that requires the aquarium to be at least 75 degrees. Therefore, if something goes wrong with the heating, this temperature is the bottom. Unfortunately there is no temperature reader, which means you will have to buy a thermometer.

Fluval M Submersible Heater

The next top betta fish heater option is the Fluval M Submersible Heater. This heater is a much cheaper option compared to the other features on this list. When you want a cheap but high quality heater, this one is perfect. There is no fancy equipment like the display option, but it does a great job on heating a betta tank. When it comes to the installation of the heater, this one is relatively easy. However, if you struggle, you can contact your local fish store for help! Even though this heater is for small tanks, keep in mind that it is relatively large. Therefore, a tall aquarium is required to house this heater for your betta fish. If you have a larger aquarium, upgrade to the higher watt heater!

Aqueon Pro Heater

Out of all of the freshwater heater options, this one tops them all on price! This is the bottom dollar cheapest heater. However, like the other cheap heaters, it is great. The sleek appearance is covered in black and blends in perfectly with a black background. The heater is safe for any fish because of the heat protection the heater provides for fish. Therefore, if your betta fish swims close to the heater, they will be perfectly fine! Installing this heater is a piece of cake! All you have to do is add suction cups to the side of your aquarium glass or acrylic. After that you just attach the heater to the suction elements. This heater answers your questions, what is the best betta tank heater?

Do I Need a Heater for my Betta Tank?

For a short answer, yes. You need a heater in your betta tank to keep the temperatures stable. During the seasons your home tends to change temperatures. In the wintertime, you need to ensure your betta fish is housed at a stable temperature. We have seen some smaller biocubes function without a heater, however, we do not recommend it. When a heater is not present, disasters can occur.

In Conclusion

When it comes to choosing the best heater for your betta fish, you now have options! Each heater listed above is perfect for a smaller freshwater fish tank. As mentioned above, betta fish are generally hardy and can handle a decent amount of stress. However, be cautious with changing water temperatures and quality. When keeping betta fish, you have to keep them happy! Like any of our other posts, if you have questions, reach out to us! We want to help with your freshwater aquarium.

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