Coolest Saltwater Aquarium Fish

Are you looking for the coolest saltwater aquarium fish? We have the best list of your saltwater home aquarium. These fish are perfect for any experience and will impress your friends and family. However, keeping a saltwater home aquarium can be difficult at times. Please research before jumping in and purchasing a home aquarium. Saltwater aquariums require a ton of work to keep the fish happy and healthy! Check out the coolest saltwater aquarium fish below!

Best Saltwater Fish for Aquarium

The fish listed below are some of the coolest saltwater fish for your home aquarium. They are generally easy to care for. However, there may be a couple that is hard to take care of. Here is our list of the coolest saltwater aquarium fish!


Clownfish are some of the most interesting and unique saltwater fish. These fish can be seen in almost every saltwater aquarium. Clownfish are known for the top Disney movie, Finding Nemo. However, they are relatively easy to care for. The average Clownfish is covered in orange and white color. The color is a staple in the aquarium hobby world. When you pair an anemone with a Clownfish, it is incredible. The fish uses the anemone as a partner and treats the anemone as a home. There is a symbiotic relationship between the two living creatures. However, be cautious of the water quality when hosting both creatures. The anemone is sensitive to rapid changes in water parameters. 


The Lionfish contains an array of incredible red and white colors. When found in the wild, these fish are natural predators. However, keep an eye on them in a home aquarium. These fish can swallow anything that they can fit in their mouth. We recommend carefully selecting fish that are naturally large and aggressive. However, be careful when placing your hand in the home aquarium. Lionfish have venomous body parts that can sting you and cause extreme pain. If you are stung by a lionfish, seek medical attention immediately.

Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish

The Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish spends time swimming among reef settings! If you have been diving before, you most likely came across this eye-catching fish. The body consists of a long nose and a striking yellow body. If you keep this fish in your home aquarium, beware of small inverts. The long nose gives the fish the ability to eat smaller inverts. Be very selective when it comes to tank mates for this Butterflyfish. If you have a reef aquarium, keep an eye on the Butterflyfish eating stony corals. If you spend money on corals, keep an eye on losing money!

Longhorn Boxfish

The boxfish is one of the cutest and most interesting saltwater fish. The Boxfish can be found in selected home aquariums that are massive. However, beware of stressing this fish. When stressed, the Boxfish will release toxic elements that harm the other fish in the aquarium. Therefore, be cautious about the fish that you put in the fish tank. The body of the Boxfish contains a yellow and black appearance that has horns at the tips. If you are debating about keeping this fish, make sure to have at least a 250-gallon aquarium. If the tank is smaller, the fish will become stressed. After purchasing this fish, speak to your local fish store. The fish store will help your fish tank running smoothly and effectively.

Dog Face Pufferfish

The Dog Face Pufferfish is one of the most sought after fish in the industry. If you are allergic to dogs, this is an alternative option. You simply need a 100-gallon aquarium and a strong motive for the fish. These fish resemble a dog and drive a ton of people crazy! However, be careful of the sharp beak that these fish have. The beak can cause damage to a human’s finger and can even break a bone. If you have a reef aquarium, do not put this Pufferfish in the tank. The fish will eat any stony coral that you have in the aquarium. Make sure to host the Pufferfish in a fish-only tank. However, they have a very strict diet. Feed the fish shelled fish that can help break down the ever-growing teeth.

Clown Triggerfish

The Clown Triggerfish is one of the coolest fish to have. However, these fish are very aggressive. When keeping this fish in an aquarium, be very selective with tank mates. These fish contain a black and white dot appearance. When you go diving in the wild, these fish are easy to find. Like other Triggerfish, make sure to feed them hard-shelled food. The shell will help reduce the teeth that are growing in size. Avoid keeping corals in the same tank as this fish. The Triggerfish will spend time grazing anything that it can fit in its mouth.

In Conclusion

When selecting saltwater fish, choose the best fit for your current fish. The worst thing that can happen is buying a mean fish that bullies the rest of the fish tank. There are a ton of fish to choose from. However, when it comes to choosing the coolest saltwater aquarium fish, do your research. If you ever have any questions, send us a message! We want to help with the assistance of your fish tank. Send in submissions of your home aquarium. We will be launching a featured aquariums section!