Aquarium How - A Community of Fish and Aquarium Lovers

We wanted Aquariumhow to be a community where Aquarists can share their Aquaria with others in the Aquarist hobby, so that they may also learn from them or even just enjoy looking at how people display their Aquaria. Over the years we have seen what works well with Aquaria and what doesn’t and from this we set out some guidelines for any new Aquarists starting out in the hobby to help them on there journey through life with fish.

At Aquariumhow we love fish, coral and all things Aquarium, particular home Aquariums. Aquariums have been around for years and the Aquarist hobby has grown massively over the last decade. Aquariums have gone from living room curios to centre pieces in homes through out the world.

The Aquarium How Community

Before Aquariumhow was created we spent many hours on research, reviewing all Aquarium set ups available on Instructables that had been submitted by users, this lead us to have a great understanding of Aquariums specifically home Aquaria. We liked what other Aquarists were doing with their Aquariums and wanted to help other set ups look as good as theirs, we also wanted to share some tips and tricks we learnt along the way. Aquariumhow was born and ever since we have been bringing you Aquarium projects of all types.

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