How to get rid of Hair Algae in Aquarium

You have the fish tank in your home for a stand-out decoration and attraction of your space. What happened when the waters get a green carpet-like appearance that turns into a hideous, filthy, and dirty look? Do you think what happens to this, why your beautiful Aquarium turns into ugly visualization? Explore all these answers through this article. This article is going to be very informative to figure out the causes and how to get rid of hair algae in the aquarium?

When we talk about hair algae, there are many types. Some of the algae you can even not identify. Your tank has different types of algae.

Why Does my Aquarium Get Hair Algae – Reasons To Know:

There are many types of hair algae, such as cladophora, Vaucheria, Oedogonium, and spirogyra. This hair alga ranges in colors from black to brown and green in some cases. Several factors can make it happens, like excessive growth of algae. Additionally, the anti-hair algae treatment can remove the algae, but before that, causing factors must be highlighted so that you can properly take care of your aquarium for further outbreaks.

Factors that affecting hair algae in the aquarium:

In this article, we are going to explain major influences that can cause hair algae in the aquarium. Let’s find out:

Avoid Lighting:

If you keep your aquarium in direct exposure to sunlight, it is advised to control the natural light. Make sure to place your fish tank in the best position. The position is where they can be safe and secure from extra light effects. The aquarium must be positioned in a location that it will not directly expose to the natural/ sunlight.

Avoid Nutrients

To reduce the algae in the aquarium, one should add limited nutrients to it by adding up plants. Keeps water changing regularly to get rid of hair algae in the aquarium?

How To Prevent Hair Algae In The Aquarium:

You cannot remove hair algae from the aquarium easily. This is a real pain, and it takes time. At first, it is not like that you will completely get rid at once from hair algae.

Ripping the hairs from rocks

The process to remove hair algae will start by ripping off the hair algae from under the rock. Make sure when ripping off the plants, you must close off your filter. If you have a fish tank for a long time, you have an idea on how to clean your aquarium. This is done by carefully remove all the hair algae. The process will shorten problems in the future.

High Level Of Phosphates And Nitrate

Major issues of hair algae include the high level of phosphate and nitrates in the water. If you want to maintain the aquarium cleanliness, then you will make a lower level of phosphate and nitrates. The level of phosphate must be .05 ml per liter, and on the other hand, the level of nitrate must be 10ml per liter. If you do, then you can get there of getting rid of hair algae in the aquarium.

Add algae eaters to get rid of hair algae

They will work for you. Buy some inhabitants and fishes that can eat algae hair, and it will be easier for you to clean your fish tank. The algae eaters that you buy are Ameca splendors, flagfish, jordanella, Florida, and mollies. Other types are available in the market that can help your aquarium to get cleaned from algae. Buy some ghost shrimps that can be an advantage from your aquarium. Many hobbyists know that keeping water changes can increasingly affect the aquarium to make it free from hair algae. The change adaptation in the aquarium helping things in maintaining the fish tank’s cleanliness.

Algae control products

The major addition to the list of how to get rid of hair algae in the aquarium is to try algae control products. Likewise, algaecides are beneficial. However, it is not a permanent solution for removing algae. The process can be an effective remedy for a short period of maintenance. Another agent that can help in getting rid of hair algae in the aquarium is liquid carbo. The liquid carbo is the safeguard of your aquarium as it can solve your problem so well. User is on an everyday basis to control the growth of algae. For better and permanent results, make sure to apply the liquid carbo to the specific areas.

Preventative Measures

  • First of all, make the practice of water change and adequate filtration daily.
  • Make sure to check about the phosphate and nitrate level. Because high levels of nitrate cause algal blooms.
  • Feed your aquarium plants with Flora Boost.
  • Add algae eaters to your aquarium, such as Bristlenose, Catfish, Dwarf, etc.

This article is best in getting information about how to get rid of hair algae in an aquarium with proven preventive measures and effective methods that can help maintain your fish tanks and keep them safe from hair algae. You will eventually start seeing the quick change in the fishbowl. Don’t get disappointed if you are not getting the desired results. Nothing is impossible, but if you wait and start doing these practices, then you will surely notice the change. Do your efforts keep your water change and adequate filtration of your tank? Ripped off hair algae and clean your fish tanks regularly to get rid of every type of hair algae in the aquarium. Hopefully, it will help you.