Best Canister Filter for 60 Gallon Tank

Are you looking for the best canister filter for 60 gallon tank? However, it is necessary to remove murky or cloudy water from the fish tank. For the health of a tank, use the aid of an intake tube and run it with the assistance of filter media in a pressurized canister. And pumping whole filtered water back into the Aquarium fish tank through a spray bar is called a canister filter.

The 4 Best Canister filters for a 60-gallon tank:

Here we have summed up the top four canister filters with a little but must-have details about each of them. Here is the best canister filter for 60 gallon tank. However, keep in mind there are a ton of options.

Fluval External Filter 306:

It is one of the best canister filters for a 60-gallon tank.

Features and pros:

  • It supplies multi-stage filtration for both fresh and saltwater aquariums.
  • It is best suitable for Aquarium from 60-70 gallon tanks.
  • Its water pumping Capacity is 303 gallons/ hour.
  • Its sound dampening impeller is well-designed for quieter operation, and it has a maximum height of 1.76 meters.
  • The filter media includes all three mechanical, chemical, and biological setups.
  • Its intake strainer is clog resistant and has a double film of foam screen.
  • It contains panted Aqua stop Valve for easy connection and disconnections with the hose, multi-filtration baskets, and well-suited rim connecting assemblies.
  •  The filter offers secure and quick filtration because of single-motion lift-lock clamps, low maintenance, and setting.
  • It is an all-in-one tool with different features and is highly recommend.

You can buy it from Amazon. Click here.


  • It is a bit noisy
  • No spray bar
  • Difficult to clean
  • High power usage
  • A little bit bulky

Penn Plax Cascade Black 700 Elite:

Features and pros:

  • Cascade Black 700 Elites is black as its name shows that, is well suited up to 65-gallon tanks.
  • Its water Pumping capacity is 185 Gallons/hour.
  • It is easy to run the setup.
  • Equipped; with all the necessities like Bio foam 6pk, Bio-Floss, Pro-Crab 2pk, Bio Rings and Bio-Spongereplacements, and canister housing.
  • It includes two large media baskets which for customized and provide adjustment to the heart content.
  • Its push-button makes priming super easy with few presses and, a spray bar aid inconvenient water flow in the tank.
  • Magna Sweep Algae Magnet or replacement filter media regular replacement option is available.
  • It has independent 360-degree rotating valves. Therefore it makes maneuvering easy in a tight cabinet.
  • Because its black color blocks light which prevents algae growth. It is highly recommended.
  • Low monthly maintenance is favorable for time-saving.
  • It has a fold-up handle.

You can buy it from Amazon. Click here.


  • Noisy to some extent.
  • It is expensive. Its price is $157.
  • Water passes bypass or sometimes starts leaking.
  • A fixed motor gives you an option to clean the unit manually.

EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter:

Features and Pros:

  • EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter is green in color and is well suited up to 66-gallon tanks.
  • The water pumping Capacity is 303 gallons/ hour.
  • It has no media Baskets that make it both convenient and inconvenient to use and no bypass issue.
  • It has Elastic silicon sealing ring on the pump head that is easy and safe to use.
  • The device includes filter sponges as well as loose and flexible filter media.
  • It includes adjustments spray bar, flow controller, inlet and outlet pipe, and all the things necessary for hose installation.
  • It comes with filter media and a valve.
  • Biological-mechanical purification can be obtained, in a single step with frequent water circulation. The device keeps the Aquarium full of oxygen supply for proper breathing for fish.
  • It is available for both fresh water and Seawater Aquarium and is energy efficient.
  • The filter gives a 100% flow rate.

However, you can buy it from Amazon. Click here.


  • This filter has an old design lacking many advanced features.
  • It does not include a priming button and filter media trays.
  • It has no separate Basket media.
  • Finding its replacement part is a daunting task.
  • The ceramic impeller is sometimes susceptible to cracking and breaking.

Polar Aurora External Aquarium Filter:

Pros and features:

  • It is best suitable for Aquarium from 60 to 75-gallon tanks.
  • Its water pumping Capacity is 264 gallons/ hour.
  • Its customized 3 flexible media trays allow you to access SunSun’s activated Carbons, and bio-balls for better biological, mechanical, and chemical maintenance. It is also available with 4 media trays.  
  • Its adjustable spray bar is used, to maintain output water flow throughout the Aquarium tank.
  • It has 360 degree rotating valves to make maneuvering easy in a tight Aquarium cabinet.
  • The self-priming button automatically handles tasks. Therefore manual siphoning, and a single disconnect valve for low maintenance.
  • Its high water pressure forces water in a dense under-gravel filter and helps in double filtration.
  • It has a 9 Watt UV sterilizer which is valuable to prevent algae problems. It also provides a facility to combat harmful bacteria growing in fish tanks which is not available in ordinary canister filters.
  • Its O-rings assure you that the canister filter is leakage-proof.

You can buy it from Amazon. Click here.


  • It is noisy.
  • You can not use it for turtle pets. It is only for fish tanks.

Where to buy Canister filters for 60-gallon tank:

You can buy EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter, Polar Aurora External Aquarium Filter, Fluval External Filter 306, Penn Plax Cascade Black 700 Elite online and physically. However, Amazon, AliExpress, Joom, eBay, and Bigalspets are the best reliable platforms to buy canister filters for a 60-gallon tank. Amazon and Aliexpress recommended.

Cleaning of Canister filters for 60-gallon tank:

Turn off the canister filter and shut off valves. Unscrew different tubes, start transporting filter, remove motor housing and guts. Now remove the impeller and clean it along with the impeller hole.Then, move biological media trays and remove all the algae. Rinse the media trays properly. Reset all the parts and turn on Shut of Valve and fill it. Plug it again.

In Conclusion

Canister filters for 60-gallon tanks are a crucial component of freshwater as well as marine aquaria. However, canister filters allow low maintenance to remove physical and chemical soluble waste products from Aquarium. Therefore it is essential for fulfilling the requirements; of your silent fishes pet to support oxygen supply and provide it soothe environment enriched with nutrients. However, it also avoids foul smell in a mini aquarium environment as compared to the endless ocean. Therefore you now have the answer to the best canister filter for 60 gallon tank.

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