Easiest Marine Fish to Keep

Are you looking for the easiest marine fish to keep in a saltwater fish tank? Look no further! We created the easiest saltwater fish to take care of. This list applies to all fish tank sizes. For example, each fish listed below has a hardy element that allows the fish to survive stressful times. Proper eating habits are also calculated in the list to ensure eating. However, be cautious that the bigger the tank you have, the easier it is to care for the fish. The experts always recommend going bigger with the aquarium instead of smaller.

If you are just starting in the saltwater aquarium hobby, we recommend purchasing more community fish. This allows you to fully grasp the easiest marine fish to keep. Aggressive saltwater fish like Triggerfish and Lionfish may cause a ton of problems down the road. When you are looking at a saltwater fish to purchase, ask the local fish store for easy to care for fish!

After a few of our helpful tips for saltwater beginners, let’s take a look at the easiest marine fish to keep below!

Easy to Care for Community Saltwater Fish

What a title, LOL! However, this list should be emphasized when selecting your first fish. As mentioned above, tank size is crucial for the health of a saltwater fish. Therefore, some of these fish may only be suitable for a certain gallon size and greater. We recommend getting an ideal tank size of at least 55-gallons for a beginner in the hobby. That leaves enough time and gallons for your aquarium to stay healthy just in case disaster strikes.

Ocellaris Clownfish

The Ocellaris Clownfish can be found in most aquariums around the world. These Clownfish are one of the hardiest and low-cost fish for any saltwater aquarium. However, keep in mind that proper water changes should be conducted to keep them alive and healthy. The best part about the Ocellaris Clownfish is that they are easy to feed. These fish eat just about anything you give them. However, we recommend a mix of meaty foods such as brine shrimp and fish flakes. The decor of your aquarium should contain a ton of live rock and places for the fish to hide when scared.

Yellowtail Damselfish

The Yellowtail Damsel is one of the most popular schooling fish for a saltwater aquarium. However, be cautious of their aggressiveness in a smaller aquarium. These saltwater fish are known to be territorial when they feel threatened. For best practice, purchase three Damsels at a time or more. If you were to only buy a small school, the fish may become aggressive. When you first start an aquarium, these fish are known as the nitrogen cycle fish. This means that they are so hardy they can adapt to a new home aquarium. This speeds up the nitrogen cycle and creates a healthier tank. Their diet consists of meaty foods and is fine eating brine shrimp. 

Flame Angelfish

The Flame Angelfish is one of the most unique and interesting fish you can purchase. These fish have a red and black appearance that looks like you are diving in the Bahamas. However, they are easy to keep in a home aquarium! These Angelfish serve a great purpose in a larger saltwater aquarium. We recommend having at least a 55-gallon aquarium when keeping this species of Angelfish. If they are housed in a smaller aquarium, they may become stressed and produce Ick for the aquarium. Their diet consists of meaty foods. However, these fish can be seen eating just about anything. Be cautious when you keep them with corals. Specific Angelfish have been known to be culprits in reefs disappearing. This is our fan-favorite fish to purchase!

Six Line Wrasse

The Six Line Wrasse is one of the most beautiful fish you can find in the ocean. During the day, this fish is very active and can be seen swimming around your reef. They also do a great job of eliminating unwanted pests in your home aquarium. However, be cautious of this fish jumping out of the aquarium if you do not have a lid. We recommend having a tight lid on your aquarium, just in case this fish gets a little excited. Regarding the price for these fish, they are relatively cheap and can be bought for around 25 dollars. Local fish stores tend to have deals on this fish, and you can find a bargain on several.

We recommend at least a 35-gallon saltwater aquarium for this fish. The large size gives the Wrasse plenty of room to swim and discover new holes within your rocks. When it comes to feeding, we recommend brine shrimp mixed with garlic for the best results. If this fish is healthy, you will notice a pop in color on the body.


Firefish are unique and relatively rare at times, depending on the location. These fish can be seen in schools swimming at the top of the aquarium. Make sure to only put community fish in the same fish tank as these guys. The Firefish is very docile and will get picked on if larger fish are present. When it comes to diet, these fish should be fed brine shrimp!

In Conclusion

In Conclusion, you now have a list of the easiest marine fish to keep! Each fish listed here has a different personality. They will bring different color and movement to your saltwater aquarium. However, when you are purchasing these fish, check to make sure they are healthy in the aquarium. Make sure they do not have any diseases or missing fins. Some local fish stores will do whatever it takes to make a quick sale. If you ever have any questions, feel free to send us a message for advice. We want to help with the success of your aquarium. 

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